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Rat Engineering covers a broad range of detailed engineering services in metal materials. Started July 2015 by Pete Fornasier and is located in Hughenden, Queensland, Australia.

Rat Engineering has steadily grown since opening with the addition of various machines to improve productivity. Steel and Industrial supplies are stocked to service the general public.

Rat Engineering uses AutoCad to aid design and ensure the accuracy of details in various projects.


Restoration of metal products, supplying steel materials and equipment, fabricating various individual items that cannot be purchased off the shelf.


Meticulous welding of metal materials that will complete your business & project.


Designing, cutting & joining of metal materials with accuracy from our skilled fabricators.


Manufacturing various multiple metal fittings with precision machining technology.

Steel Supplier

Availability of materials when the client requires it to assure responsive services.


Offering broad categories of industrial supplies that will help you with your project.

Rat Engineering supplies a variety of quality materials. Committed to reliability & availability with the highest standard of service.


Learn more about what we can offer that will benefit you with your projects and businesses. We value our clients as we value what we do. We are passionate about what we do to guarantee integrity & excellence in our services.

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