Offering broad categories of supplies that will help keep you productive.
We know that there’s new challenges each and every day for the grazing industry, local businesses and the general public. Whether you need a bolt or if you’re looking for that very specific metal product – Rat Engineering can supply exactly what you’re after. We love our business because every day is different and we’re always finding unique solutions.

Rat Engineering continues to keep a great and diverse range of supplies for your metal project. We also offer welding supplies and consumables, gas, bolts, abrasives and all sorts of items for trade work and DIY around the shed. Assorted metals including RHS, Pipe, Flat Mild Steel, Angle, Plate, Stainless Steel and Aluminium are in stock for your project. If you need a specialised item, we can order it in or even build it just for you. We’re able to fabricate the kinds of single items that you won’t be able to purchase off the shelf anywhere.

Customers come first at Rat Engineering, so if you have an idea on what you’d like to achieve but you’re not sure how to get there, come and have a friendly chat with us. We offer specialised and honest advice suited to any requirements you might have. We’re focused on providing the best service and ensuring that you walk away afterwards with the most perfect solutions in mind.

You’ll only find premium quality products and advice at Rat Engineering. No matter what challenge you might be facing, get in touch today and we’ll find the right product for you.