Restoration of metal products, supplying steel materials and equipment, fabricating various individual items.
Rat Engineering is at your service! We provide the grazing industry, town-based businesses and the general public with a useful and diverse range of metal-based services. Whether you’d like to keep your machinery going or your stock grazing, there’s a way we can help.

We’re experts at welding, fabrication and machining – there’s no limit to the items we can create. Just come to us with your ideas and we’ll get started on your own specialised product.

Our founder Pete Fornasier began his career with a Fitting and Machining apprenticeship – so when you’re after a particular metal product, Pete can put his fitting and machining skills to the test.

If your machine has broken down at the worst possible moment, and we know they often do exactly that, just contact Rat Engineering and we’ll get you up and running again. We specialise in repairs and maintenance for all metal products and machinery.

We only use the best technology to guarantee consistent results. That’s why Rat Engineering uses AutoCAD software to aid designs and ensure accuracy in our products. You’re always welcome to ask more about our design process.

Rat Engineering also stocks industrial, engineering and steel supplies to help you tackle your own project with ease.

We pride ourselves on our service at Rat Engineering. Get in touch to see how we can help.

Meticulous welding of metal materials that will complete your business & project.

Designing, cutting & joining of metal materials with accuracy from our skilled fabricators.

Manufacturing various multiple metal fittings with precision machining technology.
Repairs to various metal products.